General and Premium Trim Masking Paper

Easy Mask® masking paper rolls are great for masking off windows and door trim to prep for painting. Brown General Purpose Masking Paper is ideal for water based materials such as latex, plaster, drywall texture, etc. Our Green Premium Masking Paper is great for most water and oil based materials including lacquers and acrylics. Both come in a variety of sizes.

  • Masking paper rolls provide surface protection to trim, baseboards, windows and more!
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Made in the USA

General Purpose Masking Paper

For water based materials: Latex, plaster, drywall texture, etc.

180 FEET / 60 YARDS (54.86m)

12903243″ (7.6cm)45 (4.18 sq m)
12906126″ (8.36cm)90 (8.36 sq m)
12909129″ (22.9cm)135 (12.54 sq m)
129121212″ (30.5cm)180 (16.72 sq m)
129151215″ (38.1cm)225 (20.90 sq m)
129181218″ (45.7cm)270 (25.08 sq m)

1,000 FEET / 333.3 YARDS (304.8m)

12101123″ (7.6cm)250 (23.23 sq m)
1210366″ (15.2cm)500 (46.45 sq m)
1210549″ (22.9cm)750 (69.68 sq m)
12107312″ (30.5cm)1,000 (92.90 sq m)
12109215″ (38.1cm)1,250 (116.13 sq m)
12102218″ (45.7cm)1,500 (139.35 sq m)
12104124″ (61cm)2,000 (185.81 sq m)
12106130″ (76.2cm)2,500 (232.26 sq m)
12108136″ (91.4cm)3,000 (278.71 sq m)

Premium Masking Paper

For most water and oil based materials including lacquers and acrylics.

180 FEET / 60 YARDS

12203243″ (7.6cm)45 (4.18 sq m)
12206126″ (15.2cm)90 (8.36 sq m)
12209129″ (22.9cm)135 (12.54 sq m)
122121212″ (30.5cm)180 (16.72 sq m)
122151215″ (38.1cm)225 (20.9 sq m)
122181218″ (45.7cm)270 (25.08 sq m)

1,000 FEET / 333.3 YARDS

12301123″ (7.6cm)250 (23.23 sq m)
1230366″ (15.2cm)500 (46.45 sq m)
1230549″ (22.9cm)750 (69.68 sq m)
12307312″ (30.5cm)1,000 (92.90 sq m)
12309215″ (38.1cm)1,250 (116.13 sq m)
12302218″ (45.7cm)1,500 (139.35 sq m)
12304124″ (61cm)2,000 (185.81 sq m)
12306130″ (76.2cm)2,500 (232.26 sq m)
12308136″ (91.4cm)3,000 (278.71 sq m)

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