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The construction industry in the AU includes various segments such as residential and nonresidential construction, building completion, civil engineering and heavy industry construction. Trimaco provides solutions to support these segments. Our products protect surfaces, provide dust protection and keep personnel safe on the job.

Non-Residential Building Construction

Non-residential, or commercial construction sites include a wide range of projects, including work on office buildings, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities, medical centres and more. Similar to residential construction, Trimaco offers solutions for jobsite protection that include floor preparation products, such as temporary floor protection and dust control solutions.

Residential Building Construction

Residential construction includes the construction of homes, neighborhoods, remodeling or any other project dealing with a resident’s address. Trimaco offers high-quality surface protection, such as sheeting, carpet protection, protective films, floor protection products, rosin paper, and other surface protectors to help professionals and homeowners protect their countertops and other surfaces during the job.

Building Completion & Structure Services

Building completion services include services that help finish a building. These include plastering, painting, tiling and decorating. During this last leg of the project, it’s important to protect the surfaces, to avoid costly mistakes. Trimaco offers a full line of floor covering products, including protection films, self adhesive films, plastic sheeting, drop sheets, and masking materials to ensure total jobsite protection™.

Trimaco products are heavy duty and can protect people working on construction sites. Whether the jobsite needs water resistant and flame retardant floor protection, non-slip shoe covers, or drop sheets- Trimaco is your one-stop shop.

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