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The automotive paint industry is one of the largest sectors worldwide. It includes much more than just the colour of your car. This industry includes the design, production, sales and maintenance of new cars and vehicles.

At Trimaco, we provide high quality solutions that can be utilized in all stages of the paint process, and during car maintenance and repair.

Production & Car Paint

The automotive coating industry includes custom and commercial fleet finishes as well as collision repair. At Trimaco, we offer a variety of products that assist in the surface protection for these job types. From masking film and blades to protective shoe covers, Trimaco provides a full line of paint protection products that help prevent costly mistakes during the painting process.

For car owners that want a DIY solution, Trimaco’s paintwork protection products can be easily used to offer another layer of protection to used and new car’s paint against bird droppings, contaminants, oxidation, stone chips, tree sap, mud splatter, water spots, and road grime. Whether the project is window tinting or updating your car’s paintwork, Trimaco has the products to keep your car looking showroom ready.

Maintenance & Car Protection

In the general maintenance of auto shops, Trimaco offers a variety of rags, wipers, and microfiber towels that help keep the paint job clean of dust, dirt, grime, oil and more. In addition, we offer shoe guards and ANSI rated goggles that protect workers while on the job.

Trimaco and the Automotive Paint Industry

Be sure to explore our full automotive catalog below for more information on Trimaco products to help detailers with car paint protection, including water repellent car care products.


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