How To / Tips to apply FloorShell Seam Tape

December 19, 2018

Heavy duty floor protection requires an adhesive tape that meets the same standards. It needs to hold up to heavy foot traffic, forklifts, and long jobs. That’s why we created the innovative FloorShell Seam Tape. This tape is 3 inches wide and covers FloorShell® and X•Board Paint + Remodel seams quickly and easily. It is designed with kraft backing and contractor grade adhesive.

The tape lays out flat – fast and easy, is flexible and works great throughout your job. It’s liquid repellent and durable making it long-lasting on the job. Even better, it’s made in the USA! FloorShell + FloorShell Seam Tape is the perfect heavy duty surface protection solution for a variety of floor types such as vinyl, tile, concrete, tile linoleum and epoxy vinyl.

For a list of tips and tricks for taping seams with FloorShell Seam Tape, keep reading!

  • Do not apply directly to floors
  • Overlap surface protector seams to ensure no Seam Tape is touching the floor
  • Use the heel of your hand to keep the tape nice and flat against the seam
  • Tack one end down and pull the board product tight
  • After you apply the seam tape, make sure to press down to ensure it seals well
  • FloorShell tape is a specialty tape and should only be used on the seams of our surface protection products

Have tips that you think others would find useful when applying our heavy duty seam tape? Leave them in the comments below!

For temporary use only. Trimaco is not responsible for adhesion issues. Test prior to use. Consult with flooring and/or finish manufacturer to determine if this product is suitable to use prior to curing. Do not use where product cannot be firmly secured to surface. In no event will Trimaco’s aggregate liability exceed the amount paid for this product.

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