Applications / Solutions for Disaster Recovery

June 30, 2022

What is Disaster Restoration and Remediation?

Disasters happen. From large scale natural disasters to bathroom pipes bursting or kitchen fires, commercial and residential properties are continually at risk.

Disaster remediation is the process of restoring an area damaged by water, fire, mold, etc. Restoration companies are utilized during this time and assist in specialized services to get things back to pre-disaster conditions.

What is the Difference in Disaster Restoration and Mitigation

Disaster strikes. What do you do now? Residential and commercial restoration specialists are ready at a moment’s notice to assist in the recovery process. Take it from us, loop in a professional during this difficult time. A mistake in the disaster restoration process can be more costly in the long run, plus this line of work can be extremely dangerous.

1. Disaster Mitigation: The first step in the recovery is to stop future damages.

    dust containment

  • Water Damage Restoration: The three major causes of water damage include busted pipes, mold damage, floods or natural disasters and backed up plumbing issues. Water mitigation first stops the water source, extracts all standing water and begins drying out the space.
  • Fire Damage Restoration: Fires can start from unattended flames or electrical sparks. Fire mitigation includes smoke damage and removing the water used to put out the fire and reinforcing the structure for safety.

2. Water Damage Inspection: After the mitigation step is complete and the area is safe to work in, professionals will inspect the area for water damage. This goes beyond odor removal or property damage. Foundation inspections are critical during this step for safety reasons.

3. Mold Remediation: If an area experiences water damage, the risk of a biohazard exponentially increases. Mold testing should be completed next, followed by mold removal if necessary.

4. Repairs: Once the area has been mitigated and inspected, repairs and construction can begin to build back.

5 Products for Disaster Remediation

Trimaco offers a range of products that can be used throughout the recovery process by your disaster restoration team. These products offer homeowners peace of mind.

tyvek coverall

  1. Coveralls: PPE should be worn on any disaster restoration process. DuPont Tyvek coveralls are designed with a low-static material, block airborne particles, yet are breathable and comfortable to work in. During the mold remediation, Tyvek coveralls are a must.
  2. Containment Poles: Disaster recovery professionals will typically block off the area of damage, to keep the mess and contaminants enclosed. When used with plastic sheeting, Trimaco’s Heavy Duty E-Z Poles create a confined, safe area for remediation and repairs to begin.
  3. Floorshell: During the last step of the recovery process when repairs begin, it’s important to protect your surfaces that did not get damaged. Floorshell is a heavy duty surface protector that can withstand heavy equipment and foot traffic.
  4. Dirt Trapper: Your space has seen enough damage. Keep additional mess outside of the repair space. The Dirt Trapper is a construction sticky mat that can be placed at any entryway. The adhesive film removes dirt, dust and mud from work boots and carts.
  5. Stay Put Surface Protector: When moving contents back into the remediated space, Trimaco’s Stay Put Surface Protector provides the ultimate surface protection. The tacky backing stays in place, while the water resistant top reduces the risk of further damage.

Trimaco and the Disaster Restoration Industry

Disasters are hard, and sometimes inevitable. With the help of disaster restoration services taking the right steps, your home or business can be quickly restored. Trimaco offers a range of products that assist in the damage restoration process. Explore our full catalog!

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