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November 21, 2023

Why is dust containment important?

Dust presents an inevitable challenge in construction, remodeling and restoration projects. Its pervasive nature makes it almost impossible to properly clean every nook and cranny. The best way to avoid dust damage is to prevent or contain it from the start.

When remodeling or doing construction work, it’s crucial to stop drywall dust, dirt, and other small particles from floating around. It might not seem like a big deal, but having dust hanging around can cause more trouble than just making things messy.

All that dust and debris in the air can lower the air quality, which isn’t great for the respiratory health of workers. Plus, it can damage fresh paint jobs, furniture, and appliances. This damage can lead to expensive repairs and a lot of time spent fixing things up.

Proper dust control is critical on the jobsite. Containing dust and paint overspray is crucial for protecting surfaces and maintaining good respiratory health. From dust poles to self-adhesive zippers and door kits, Trimaco® can help to create a temporary enclosure on the jobsite.

dust containment poles

Dust Containment Pole Options

1. Regular Trimaco E-Z Up® Poles

Ideal for residential homes, Trimaco’s lightweight sheeting poles extend up to 12 feet, making them perfect for 8-foot ceilings. Designed with an easy twist and lock technology, these poles are easy to install and feature a spring-loaded bottom to increase tension, keeping your containment enclosure safe and secure.

2. Heavy-Duty Trimaco E-Z Up® Poles

The heavy-duty Trimaco E-Z Up Poles are ideal for commercial projects. Heavy-duty poles are available in 12-foot, 16-foot and 20-foot options and can work with up to 20-foot ceilings. Similar to the lightweight poles, Trimaco’s heavy-duty sheeting poles have an easy-to-use installation design. These poles feature a pin lock system and a unique foot petal to set poles into place.

3. Dust Containment Pole Kits

Just getting started? Start with a pole kit for an affordable way to begin using dust containment products. Trimaco offers a variety of options with standard and heavy-duty poles, dust door kits that can be used with poles or with entryways, and pole kits for easy transportation. These kits come with everything you need to set up a portable dust containment system.

Keep Dust Contained with Trimaco

When used with plastic sheeting, Trimaco’s E-Z Up Dust Containment poles make a temporary barrier against dust. These setups don’t just shield surfaces and floors—they also keep the air clean, making your workspace safer. Whether you need sheeting poles, self-adhesive zippers, door kits, or travel bags, Trimaco’s got you covered. You’ll have everything you need to build a dust containment system you can trust.

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