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October 26, 2023

Imagine you’re overseeing a project centered around a single, expansive room. Within this space, you need to store supplies, provide a resting area for personnel, conduct meetings, and carry out various tasks. The absence of permanent walls can lead to swift disarray and confusion. What if there were a practical solution to swiftly and effortlessly establish temporary partitions within this vast area, effectively dividing it into distinct zones? Such a solution will improve overall jobsite organization and reduce the chaos at this construction site.

Large workspaces with no room partitions, little organization, multiple trades or little privacy presents conflicts on the jobsite that can be easily avoided with boundaries in place. Having no interior walls can create a challenge for everyone on site and can negatively impact work environments. Fortunately, cost-effective and prompt solutions are available to establish immediate organization in open spaces requiring segmentation, applicable to industries such as construction, healthcare, retail, and facilities maintenance.

dust containment enterence

Our Solution: Temporary Wall Systems

There are several solutions to assist in creating zones within a large room. Our solution is constructing barriers using dust containment poles and plastic sheeting. Simply use plastic clipped to containment poles to construct a barrier. This is helpful when working on a job where excessive dirt or debris is created. This is more of a short-term and minimal solution to create temporary walls and may not be appropriate for rooms where break, meeting and storage rooms or private spaces are needed.

Alternatively, we suggest using a modular panel system to provide long term and aesthetically pleasing freestanding wall partitions. These are often lightweight and simple to assemble, making them quick and easy to install.

Zoning Your Large Room

Knowing your square footage will help you determine how many room dividers you will need to zone your area. Room dividers are a great alternative to drywall. Be sure to plan ahead and measure out the area you’re zoning so you’ll be properly prepared when your product arrives and is ready to be set up.

1. Consider Room Dividers and Square Footage

Knowing your square footage will help you determine how much plastic sheeting, and how many poles you will need to zone your area. Sheeting poles are a great temporary alternative to drywall. Be sure to plan and measure out the area you are zoning so you will be properly prepared when your product arrives and is ready to be set up.

2. Consider the Flow of Traffic When Adding Partition Walls

DIY strategies can help when adding partition walls to your large room. You will want to consider the flow of traffic in the room. This will help determine the best places to put the partitions. Connecting with your team to discuss strategies for the flow of traffic is especially important.

temporary wall barrier

3. Consider Your Workspace Needs

How will this space be used? Do you need multiple smaller rooms? What kind of ceiling height would work best in the space, or do you want to create a larger gathering space? Discuss with other team members how you all intend to use this space to ensure you have a design plan.

Temporary Room Solution

Creating temporary walls and spaces within freestanding room dividers within a large area or room provides privacy, organization, and safety, whether youโ€™re doing a construction project in an airport or are a homeowner or renter using them for paint projects. Allow Trimaco to assist you in creating a convenient, affordable temporary containment areas with plastic sheeting and dust barrier poles. Explore Trimaco’s full line of Heavy Duty Poles and Pole Kits.

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