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September 16, 2020

Looking for a way to create a space within a space on the jobsite? Look no further! Trimaco’s new SpeedyRoom™ is a quick, cost effective and easy way to create a temporary modular wall system. Temporary rooms or partitions help create organization, efficiency and privacy when needed for any type of job.

Where can partition walls be used?

SpeedyRoom™ is great for any open area that needs to be broken down into smaller zones.

  • New Construction & Renovation Projects: In construction, these partitions are ideal for jobsite walkways, tool or material storage and additional work areas.
  • Medical & Healthcare Facilities: In the medical industry, SpeedyRoom™ creates temporary room screenings, while abiding social distancing recommendations.
  • Retail & Facilities Maintenance: The uses are endless in retail and office spaces. The wall partitions can help create temporary work spaces and inventory or material storage.

Why choose Trimaco’s New Temporary Modular Wall System?

Trimaco’s SpeedyRoom™ is the ideal choice when looking for a quick and easy temporary wall system. The temporary rooms can be installed by anyone quickly, and do not require the help of skilled trades. The lightweight, corrugated plastic walls have various configurations, allowing additional spaces to be added or removed at a moment’s notice.

Not only is this system quick, easy and adaptable, but the corrugated plastic is easy to sanitize if needed, making it reusable and cost effective.

How to build a SpeedyRoom™ Modular Wall System

SpeedyRoom™ Wall Kits & Connectors Kit includes 5 important components:

  • Wall Panels: 2M high x 1.2M width
  • Connectors: Straight, Tee, Cross and Corner connectors are all available (sole separately)
  • Wall Support: This angled slender piece provides extra vertical stability
  • Wall Panel Base: This flat piece simply stabilized the panels
  • Door Support: This piece creates a doorway between panels, if needed

Step One: Plan and design your space

Take the time to plan out your space, and decide which pieces and how many pieces you’ll need to create your SpeedyRoom™.

Step Two: Stabilize Panels

In order for the panels to safely stand up, it’s important to add the wall panel base to every panel. To connect, fold the outer edges up on the perforated line. Next, slide the wall panel base/stabilizer under the panel, and connect the two by sliding the open slits together.

speedyroom connectors

Step Three: Connect Panels

There are four different ways to connect the panels. Your desired wall design will determine which connectors you’ll need.

  • Straight connectors are ideal for connecting panels to create a longer wall, or hallway. When connecting more than 2-3 panels add the angled wall support piece to stabilize. They are also needed for joining door supports.
  • Tee connectors are ideal for connecting a perpendicular wall against two connecting panels. Also for adding a wall support for stability.
  • Apply 4-way cross connectors when four panels come together in an “X” configuration.
  • 90 Degree corner connectors are ideal for two panels creating a right angled corner.

Step Four: Steady Door Ways

To safely create a doorway, add the door support header in between the space between two panels. Next, add a wall support on each side of the doorway. These two pieces will secure the wall panels and keep them in place, while maintaining a spacious walkway.

Step Five: Work away and adjust if needed

SpeedyRoom™ is extremely adaptable. Once completed, rooms or walkways can be added quickly and effectively. To change designs, simply remove panels and connectors and recreate!

Total Jobsite Protection™

Trimaco’s new SpeedyRoom™ provides total jobsite protection™ by quickly and effectively creating temporary rooms, walkways and more. This lightweight and easy to build wall system is ideal for construction projects, healthcare spaces, retail or facilities maintenance areas.

Looking for other ways to create a safe and effective jobsite? Be sure to explore our dust containment systems and heavy duty floor protectors in our full catalog!

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“I love using stay put on the stairs. It holds just enough to stop from sliding.” -fantumkarpets

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