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February 21, 2019

Any professional painter knows that a dropcloth is a necessity when painting – it’s inevitable that paint will end up in at least one unwanted area. Before beginning your project, the easiest thing you can do is lay a dropcloth down to help minimize the spread of spills and splatters.

When it comes to choosing a dropcloth, it’s important to keep in mind that they’re not all created equal. We offer vinyl, canvas, butyl, paper/poly and plastic drop cloths that are great for a variety of jobs. Our high-quality dropcloths provide comprehensive protection from all kinds of spills and stains.

Explore our most popular dropcloth options below!

  • Canvas Dropcloths – The tried and true of all the dropcloths, the heavy duty canvas drops are perfect for any and all projects – painting, staining, covering furniture, wallpapering, and more. Plus we’ve seen them used for curtains, slip covers and patio rugs. Canvas will protect against minor spills and splatters depending on the ounce weight. The thicker the ounce weight, the better protection. One major bonus of canvas fabric is the washable factor.
  • Stay Put® Canvas Plus– When safety is a concern, this is the non-slip canvas drop is for you! This drop is lined with a non-slip rubber backing (similar to a rug pad), making it a great option for stairs, hardwood, tile, and other slippery surfaces when painting or staining. The top layer consists of absorbent canvas and the middle layer is plastic to prevent leakage. With the slip resistant layer on bottom, you are fully covered on the job with this canvas and plastic dropcloth.
  • Quick Drop – This unique dropcloth folds up for easy mobility and storage. The top layer is made of absorbent and leak resistant fabric, and the bottom layer is highly padded, making work on the ground more comfortable. Perfect for touch ups, painting and working on counter-tops, carpet, hardwoods, vinyl, and tile floors.
  • One Tuff® – Lightweight, absorbent, leak-resistant – what more could you ask for in a dropcloth? The One Tuff® dropcloth is perfect for painting, plastering and staining. The top layer consists of absorbent cloth while the coated side prevents spills and splatters from from leaking through. Don’t let the thin appearance fool you, once you try it, you’ll never go back!
  • Stay Put® Vinyl – This vinyl dropcloth features a textured slip-resistant technology, making it a safer option for hardwood, vinyl, tile, or carpet. This dropcloth can drape over furniture for extra protection during your job. The vinyl protects against spills and clings to surfaces. It’s an upgrade to traditional plastic but is worth the peace of mind on the job.

Check out our whole line of clean, safe, and heavy duty painter’s drop cloths, painter’s tape, masking tape, and surface protection products online today! For more interesting ways to use dropcloths, check out our dropcloth DIY projects.

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“I love using stay put on the stairs. It holds just enough to stop from sliding.” @fantumkarpets -The Stay Put Surface Protector is a padded floor protector with a slip resistant tacky backing. This protective floor mat provides ideal construction floor protection, and is great for high-end hardwood floors, vinyl, tile, marble and stairs.The Stay Put Surface Protector is breathable to allow surfaces to continue curing, yet waterproof to block spills from the surface. It’s even re-positional and reusable, with no risk of residue being left behind on the surface. Temporary floor protection rolls are easy to work with and requires no taping! ... See MoreSee Less
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“I love using stay put on the stairs. It holds just enough to stop from sliding.” -fantumkarpets

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