How To / Preventing Paint Spray and Spills

March 8, 2019

Let’s face it–we’ve all encountered (and therefore cleaned) those dreadful paint drips, splatters and disasters on a job site. No painter or crew wants to clean up a mess after a long job. Been there, done that. Using the right temporary surface protection solutions and materials will help prevent mishaps from the get-go!

Prepping for a job is key to avoiding unwanted paint spray and splatters. Have confidence in your spill prevention with a few of Trimaco’s most popular jobsite temporary surface protection products.

First and foremost, protect your floors:

Trimaco offers a wide variety of surface protectors and floor protection. From heavy duty surface protection, to a simple drop cloth, we have your floors covered – literally:

  • X•Board: This heavy-duty surface protector can be easily rolled out and applied with our FloorShell Seam Tape. Make your day to day clean up even easier by leaving X-Board down for the whole duration of the job. The tough product will last, so no more applying and re-applying paper on the job. Not only will X-Board repel paint spills, but it prevents mud and water from leaking through, as well. Bonus, it’s breathable, so you can put it down on floors that are still curing.
  • Carpet Film: Working on a job that requires carpet protection? Trust us, you’ll want to take the time to prep, since removing paint sprays, stains, and spills is nearly impossible on carpet. Apply Trimaco’s Easy Mask Protective Carpet Film with our film applicator, making applying carpet film a 1-person job and speeding things up significantly. Carpet film will prevent spills, mud and debris from getting to your carpet. To prevent leaving sticky residue, easily remove the carpet film after 30 days and reapply if needed.
  • One Tuff Drop Cloth: Looking for temporary surface protection solutions that are a little lighter and more flexible during a paint job? Our One Tuff Drop Cloth is the perfect option for you! This slip and leak resistant drop cloth will absorb paint and stains to prevent tracking.

Don’t forget the windows, walls and trim!

  • General Purpose Masking Paper: Once your floors are protected from heavy duty damage, take the time to prep any walls, windows or door trim with Trimaco’s General Purpose Masking Paper and Painter’s Tape. Our masking paper will protect against spills, drops and even paint overspray.
    Make things even easier, and cut your masking prep time in half, with Trimaco’s Hand Maskers.
  • Tape & Drape: Trimaco’s Tape & Drape is an easy to use surface protection product all painters need on hand to catch paint drips and overspray. It consists of pre-taped masking film that is treated to attract overspray. A unique adhesive coating on the film helps it cling to the surface you are protecting.
  • Cling Cover Self-Adhering Plastic Sheeting: Trimaco’s Cling Cover is a great solution for areas where you don’t necessarily want to use, or need, tape, such as a nice cabinet, kitchen island or even furniture. Protection films will cling to almost anything while blocking paint.

Prevention is highly important, but we understand that accidents happen, too. Check out Trimaco’s full line of rags and wipers, just in case disaster strikes!

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“I love using stay put on the stairs. It holds just enough to stop from sliding.” @fantumkarpets -The Stay Put Surface Protector is a padded floor protector with a slip resistant tacky backing. This protective floor mat provides ideal construction floor protection, and is great for high-end hardwood floors, vinyl, tile, marble and stairs.The Stay Put Surface Protector is breathable to allow surfaces to continue curing, yet waterproof to block spills from the surface. It’s even re-positional and reusable, with no risk of residue being left behind on the surface. Temporary floor protection rolls are easy to work with and requires no taping! ... See MoreSee Less
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“I love using stay put on the stairs. It holds just enough to stop from sliding.” -fantumkarpets

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