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March 8, 2023

The Importance of Dust Containment in Construction

With any construction project, the risk of dust or airborne particles is always there. Whether you’re installing drywall or sanding cabinets, debris can spread, potentially dusting your surfaces, thereby harming them. Contractors create dust barrier systems with poles and plastic sheeting to contain these particles to reduce the spread of dust.

Without building a dust containment enclosure, your space is at risk for damage—costing you time and money on repairs.

dust containment magnetic zipper

New magnetic dust barrier accessories

Trimaco’s traditional dust barrier system accessories include a dependable, tight, peel and stick zipper. This accessory is great if you have an extra hand to zip and unzip each time you enter and exit the enclosure.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a hands-free option? Trimaco has you covered. Our new magnetic door options offer just that! Hands-free access.

  • Magnetic Peel and Stick Zipper: Trimaco’s new peel and stick zipper creates a self-closing entryway. Need to carry heavy tools or a ladder through? No more stopping and unzipping—just walk right through and the magnets will close behind! In fact, the magnetic zipper makes entering and exiting 3X faster than traditional zippers.

    Optimize your productivity with this magnetic zipper! Pair with Trimaco’s E-Z Up Double sided tape for easy installation. The magnetic zipper measures 2 ¼” x 6 ⅔’ and can be applied to tarps, vinyl or plastic sheeting.

  • Magnetic Door Kit: Trimaco’s new magnetic door kit is a great way to use a standing doorway as the entryway to a dust containment enclosure. The door kit includes one sheet of plastic with an attached magnetic dust door and one roll of release tape.
    Just like the Magnetic peel and stick zipper, the door kit creates a self-closing, hands-free entryway. The magnetic door kit fits most standard size doors.

dust containment magnetic door

How to make a dust barrier system

With the help of dust containment poles, plastic sheeting, and a few accessories, building an enclosure is quick and easy. Simply attach your plastic sheeting to your heavy duty dust containment pole. Extend your poles to the ceiling’s height, and secure into place.

Once the plastic sheeting is in place, you’ll need to create an entryway to securely enter and exit the enclosure. Peel and Stick an E-Z Up 2-way zipper or our new magnetic zipper onto the plastic sheeting. Cut the plastic sheeting with a utility knife to create the door. Tape down the plastic sheeting, if needed.

Once your job is complete, make sure to sweep and clean your jobsite before disassembling your dust containment system.

Create a safe jobsite with Dust Containment

Don’t let dust spread and harm your surfaces. Take the time to create a dust containment enclosure. With the help of Trimaco new magnetic accessories, not only will your area be dust-free, but you’ll be able to access it hands-free. Explore Trimaco’s full line of dust containment poles and accessories.

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