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March 16, 2023

What type of painter’s tape do professionals use?

Any painting professional will tell you; clean lines are a necessity for any good paint job. As simple as it may sound, the type of tape a painter chooses can really make or break a job. If the tape has too strong of an adhesive it can pull paint coats off the wall. If the tape is not strong enough, the paint may drip underneath eliminating a straight line completely.

When choosing the best painter’s tape, it must be strong enough to get the job done, yet delicate enough to not harm the surface. A painter typically chooses a professional blue painter’s tape. This tape is designed with crepe paper and easily conforms to irregular shapes and surfaces. When painting delicate surfaces, a painter may choose a Low Tack painting tape such as masking tape. This tape is designed with a low-tack adhesive, making it great for delicate surfaces, freshly painted drywall, and trim.

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How do you get perfectly straight lines with painter’s tape?

Choosing the right tape for your job is just the first step in achieving sharp lines when painting. We have compiled a few additional tips to complete the perfect paint job.

1. Clean your surface prior to application to avoid sticky residue

When masking, make sure to firmly press the tape down with your hand, a credit card, a tape applicator, or a flat-edge cutting knife. If you plan to use a hand masker, we recommend going back over the tape to make sure it is properly in place. This will prevent paint from seeping under your applied tape.

2. Paint away from the edge of the tape

When painting, try brushing away from the tape. When brushing towards the tape, you could accidentally push paint underneath your tape and prevent crisp lines.

3. Peel Slowly

Once your paint has fully dried, it is time to remove the painter’s tape. When doing so, we recommend doing this very slowly. The paint may stick to the tape, and you could accidentally rip a layer of paint off, creating a jagged line.

We frequently get the question “do you peel off painters’ tape when it is wet or dry?” Always wait until your paint is completely dry before removing it. Depending on your type of paint, this could take a few hours.

Painter’s Tape from Trimaco

For straight lines, painter’s tape is necessary. It is important to prep your surface, secure the tape into place correctly, and remove it slowly. Looking for a dependable painter’s tape? Trimaco has you and your surfaces covered. Explore our full line of options, from traditional blue crepe tape to a low tack tape.

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