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June 20, 2019

Why is Dust Containment Important?

Surface protection isn’t always about protecting floors and surfaces against liquids, mud, spills, and splatters. It’s important to keep in mind that a dust containment system to control airborne particles on a job site are just as critical as floor care.

However, we understand that controlling airborne dust and debris on the job site is tough, especially with sanding. Not only is it important to protect your surfaces to avoid damage, but it’s also important for your respiratory health.

There are a wide range of construction dust control tricks for the work area, including sealing off doorways, utilizing power tools with dust control, and even installing a portable dust collection system that cleans and pulls particles out of the air. One of the simplest ways to keep dust contained is to build a dust barrier system to isolate the area. Plus, temporary dust walls make clean up quick and easy.

How to Build a Dust Containment System

Dust Containment Systems can be used for a wide range of job types, from small kitchen renovations to large restoration jobs. Regardless of the size, these easy steps and tips will help keep dust and airborne particles contained, improving air quality and reducing cleanup time.

Step One

First, determine how large of a space you’ll isolate to determine how much plastic sheeting you’ll need for a dust barrier, and what size pole best suits your space. It’s best to use one single sheet of plastic rather than multiple pieces to lower the risk of particles seeping through the seams of the plastic.

Step Two

Once you have your plastic sheeting and dust barrier poles, it’s time to make the enclosure. With Trimaco’s Heavy Duty E-Z Up® Poles, a user can easily clip the plastic onto the quick clip, place plastic over the top grip pad, and raise the pole to the ceiling height. Use the foot pedal to complete the process, ensuring a snug fit.

dust system photos

Step Three

Once you have a secure plastic sheeting wall, decide where you would like to add an entryway, or temporary dust door. Using Trimaco’s E-Z Up Zipper, stick the zipper onto the plastic sheeting, starting at the bottom first. Unzip the zipper and cut the plastic with a knife to create an opening. The heavy-duty zipper is accessible from both sides, making entering and exiting the enclosure easy.

Step Four

To keep the plastic at the entryway threshold intact, tape down the plastic sheeting to your floor protector, or leave it un-taped if large items will need to fit through the doorway. For any loose plastic that you want to stay in place, use Trimaco’s E-Z Up Double-Sided Tape, for up to 14 days of use.

Step Five

Once your job is complete, sweep and clean within the enclosure before disassembling (this will prevent hidden dust from spreading!) Once clean, remove all tape, keeping the plastic sheeting in place. Lower the dust containment poles, and unclip the plastic from the top grip pad. Depending on the type of work, fold the plastic up and use for the next job — otherwise recycle.

When used with plastic sheeting, Trimaco’s Dust Containment Pole Systems and Accessories create a temporary enclosure and dust barrier. These systems not only protect surfaces and hardwood floors, but they help maintain proper air quality to keep your work area safe. From sheeting poles and self-adhesive zippers to door kits and travel bags, Trimaco has everything you need to create a dust containment system with confidence.

To learn more about all of Trimaco’s E-Z Up Dust containment systems and accessories, check out our full catalog!

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