Paño recoge gotas Rubber-Duckie® con parte posterior recubierta de butilo

El paño recoge gotas Rubber-Duckie® de Trimaco es un paño resistente al agua y de peso pesado perfecto para cualquier tipo de trabajo. El paño recoge gotas recubierto de butilo está diseñado para proteger las superficies de derrames y salpicaduras, haciendo que la limpieza sea una brisa. También es lavable y reutilizable, por lo que es una opción económica. ADVERTENCIA.

  • Resistente a filtraciones de la pintura
  • Elimina las limpiezas innecesarias
  • Durable + Reutilizable
  • Económico
  • Lavable: Lavar a máquina caliente, secar al aire libre


# de ArtículoPaquete deTamaño
8020169′ x 12′
80203412′ x 15′
80207124′ x 12′
80208124′ x 15′


2 days ago

One of the biggest struggles when it comes to protecting bathrooms during a renovation or remodel is protecting the bathtub. At an average of $2,000, bathtubs are an expensive feature and must be protected while other work occurs in the bathroom. Whether you’re painting, plumbing, tile installing or remodeling the bathroom, it will save you time, money and your reputation in the long run to protect the bathtub right off the bat.-The Stay Put Surface Protector features a slip resistant tacky backing which will adhere easily without tape! This surface protector is repositionable and forms easily to the curves and angles of a bathtub. Once it’s pulled up, you’ll be happy to find zero residue left behind. It’s also padded to provide protection against impact from your jobsite materials. Water, paint and other liquids don’t stand a chance leaking through this waterproof surface protector.-Thanks to Nicholas Construction for using StayPut Surface Protection for their bathtubs! ... See MoreSee Less
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A tack cloth is easy to use, and prevents costly mistakes and unnecessary coats of paint. Follow these simple steps…

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