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December 21, 2022

How to wash a drop cloth

We all look forward to the end of home improvement projects, but cleaning up is the next step before we can enjoy the end result of all the hard work. Rinsing paint brushes is one thing, but how do you clean a drop cloth?

It’s tempting to do a quick rinse or shake and be done with it, but without properly cleaning and storing your drop, it can damage them, ultimately costing you and your crew more money.

Drop Cloths for Painting & how to wash them

1. Canvas

Often a simple shake-out is good for a cotton canvas drop clothbut if your cloth is coated with drywall dust, wood shavings or paint chips, give it a shake and throw it in the washing machine (by itself!). Machine wash warm, tumble dry low or hang dry.

2. Vinyl

With a backing that’s 31 percent more slip-resistant than a traditional plastic drop cloth, Trimaco’s Stay Put® Vinyl Dropcloth is easy to clean; the Stay Put® technology will help keep it flat while you wipe away paint spills. Simply spray with a multi-purpose cleaner and wipe clean with the Leak Resistant One Tuff® Wiper. These rags are great for spot cleaning drops and absorb stains and like a sponge without leaving lint behind.

drop cloth on stairs

3. Butyl

Because Butyl drops traditionally have a rubber backing, it’s important to not wash them in warm water, as it could melt and damage the drop cloth. For butyl drops such as Trimaco’s Rubber-Duckie® and Eliminator®, we recommend spot cleaning these with One Tuff® Durable Absorbent Wiper Cloths. These wipers have a competitive edge. A special process spins the fibers together, creating Trimaco’s most durable wiper yet,


The most economical type of paint drop cloths, Trimaco offers lightweight fabric and plastic drop cloths ranging in different weights and sizes. Fabric drops such as the Smart Grip or One Tuff can be spot cleaned or tossed after use. For plastic drops, it’s often best to toss and replace.

Drop Cloths from Trimaco

Whether you wash, spot clean or simply toss your used drop cloths, take the time to understand which option is best for your job. Trimaco offers a full line of drop cloths, ranging from butyl and canvas, to economical plastic options. Explore all of Trimaco’s options today!

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