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June 15, 2020

Different jobs have different demands and regulations. For some construction sites, fire safety standards require flame retardant (or fr-rated) products on-site to help prevent or slow the spread of fire. These include electrical wires and cables, fr clothing, and insulation materials, such as polystyrene and polyurethane foams. These specially treated products are especially important in healthcare facilities where a high level of protection from fire is needed to keep patients safe.

What does Flame Retardant mean?

What exactly is flame retardant? It is the process of adding a chemical substance to materials during the manufacturing process. It decreases a product’s flammability, and reduces the spread of fire on the jobsite (in the case of construction or renovations). These chemicals are added to many items such as baby products, construction and building materials, different types of surfaces, and flame resistant clothing.

Trimaco FR Products

Trimaco has you covered if you’re working on a jobsite that includes safety codes that require fr-rated products. We manufacture reliable fr-rated heavy-duty surface protection products that stand up to the demands of your job and reduce the risk of fire. These are perfect for floors and other surfaces during the construction and renovation processes.

Aqua Shield

Aqua Shield surface protector is a flame retardant, reusable floor protector that is leak-proof, maximum strength, and slip-resistant, making it extra safe for your jobsite. This dust-free, and easy to install protective floor covering is ideal for healthcare facilities and large construction jobs.

Aqua Shield Spray Booth

Aqua Shield Spray Booth features all the great qualities of our original product but is anti-static and white for better visibility.


X-Plastic (FR version)

FR X-Plastic is a corrugated plastic fire retardant surface protection that is durable and reusable. The corrugated plastic is an impact-resistant, lightweight floor protector. X-Plastic will withstand the wear and tear of your jobsite, in addition to repelling liquids. This surface protector has been tested and certified to NFPA-701 Test Method 2.

*This standard establishes test methods to assess the propagation of flame of various textiles and films under specified fire test conditions.

Jobs that have strict fire safety standards require detailed planning, risk assessment, and implementation from experienced construction professionals. Feel free to contact us during your planning process to help make your jobsite as safe as possible.

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