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March 25, 2020

When you roll out surface protection and tape it down, you expect it to stay put. While FloorShell generally lays flat, all temporary floor protection rolls have the potential to hold memory, resulting in a curl that can be difficult to deal with. Despite your efforts to keep it secured to the floor, you may have experienced your surface protection rolling up and not functioning properly.

We understand how frustrating it can be when temporary floor protection products don’t stay put. The last thing you need on a job where there’s heavy foot traffic, or any other situation where you’ll be covering floors during construction, is your surface protector curling up. To avoid this, we’ve compiled a few pro tips to help you remove curl when using FloorShell or other temporary floor protection rolls.

Tips to remove curl from temporary floor protection rolls

Allow time for FloorShell to relax

Before securing FloorShell to the floor, cut the strips you’ll need to cover your floor and leave them out while working on something else. This gives it time to relax and lose its memory, making it easier to tape to the floor.

Roll back FloorShell on itself

One pro tip that tends to work well is rolling the product back on itself. This helps reverse the curl, resulting in a flat product. You may have to do this a few times to achieve the finished result.

Use a seam tape

Seam tapes are designed to work with board products. Due to their contractor-grade adhesion level, they are strong enough to keep seams secured and flat. Our FloorShell Seam Tape is designed to be used specifically with FloorShell.

To apply, overlap board edges and tape down. Please do not use seam tape directly on the floor. To secure to a finished floor or other surfaces, use a tape that is compatible with your surface. Please test in an inconspicuous area overnight to ensure compatibility.

Trimaco has you covered

We hope this helps you achieve a jobsite that is safe and productive. The last thing we want is for your temporary protection products to tent up and unroll, creating a hazardous environment for you and anyone walking the site.

Have other tips to keep temporary floor protection rolls down? Leave them below! Learn more about FloorShell and other heavy duty surface protectors!

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