July 21, 2015

Create a temporary dust barrier system in minutes!

Trimaco’s E-Z Up Dust Containment Poles provide the perfect dust barrier system for all variety of industries including residential, commercial, industrial, healthcare, manufacturing and many more! Simply clip a piece of plastic sheeting on the quick clip, adjust the pole to the ceiling height, and then secure using the unique foot pedal to ensure a snug fit and a sturdy dust barrier. Made with heavy-duty aluminum, these poles will give you confidence in your dust containment enclosure, providing protection against all sorts of dust types – making clean up simple and easy. Poles are available in 12ft, 16ft and 20ft heights. Learn more about all of Trimaco’s E-Z Up Dust Containment Solutions. Learn more about all of Trimaco’s E-Z Up Dust Containment solutions!

  • 20ft pole: Maximum height of 20′, minimum height of 6′ 5″
  • 16ft pole: Maximum height of 16′, minimum height of 6′ 9½”
  • 12ft pole: Maximum height of 12′, minimum height of 5′ 4¾”
  • Creates a temporary dust wall, keeping particles contained
  • No loose parts!

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E-Z Up Dust Containment Poles

DISCLAIMER: Trimaco E-Z Up Dust Containment Poles are designed for creating dust barriers with plastic sheeting, and are not designed for bracing or holding heavy loads.

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