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March 4, 2020

How to choose the right tape for your job

With all the different types of tapes on the market, it’s easy to become confused about which option is best for your job. Before purchasing, it’s important to know the type of surface you’re working with, the needs of your job, and, most importantly, the adhesion level – the last thing you want costly mistake and unhappy customer.

For example, are you painting a room or protecting floors during a renovation?

There are traditional packaging tapes, duct tapes, electrical tapes, and masking tapes, tapes to secure surface protection, double-sided tapes and many more options out there for any need. The main difference between these options is the strength, adhesion level, and adhesive material. General masking tape is great for multiple applications, while heavy-duty tapes are ideal for specific jobs where professional high-strength adhesion is necessary. To learn more about the differences between adhesive tape products, continue reading.

Types of adhesive tape products

  • Low-level adhesion

    Low level adhesion options are specifically for delicate surfaces. Consider this choice if you’re working with freshly cured walls or wallpaper. We suggest Easy Mask® KleenEdge® Low Tack Painting Tape. It’s a flat white paper tape with low tack adhesive to provide easy and clean removal.

  • Mid-level adhesion

    Generally known as Painter’s Tape, this level of adhesion is perfect for almost anything! Are you working with primed or painted walls or need to protect wood trim? Working inside or outside? Need to secure surface protection directly to the floor? This option is perfect for you. Consider using our Easy Mask® BluEdge® Painting Tape.

  • Strongest adhesion

    These professional-grade, strong adhesive tapes can withstand rough handling. Some are even forklift strong! High-performance contractor strength adhesives are the perfect sealing tape solution for a wide variety of surface protection products to protect all types of surfaces and floors during construction. These high tack industrial tapes are ideal for jobs when floors are bonded down, or where surface protection is needed. We suggest a Scrim Tape for permanent adhesion or FloorShell Seam Tape for seaming together surface protection.

    Our Polyethylene surface protection seam tape also provides a watertight seal with polyethylene backing material and rubber adhesive that has serrated edges for easy tearing. Check out our full line of heavy-duty options.

Trimaco has you covered!

To make things easier, our packaging includes an adhesion meter to help narrow down your options. From Easy Mask® KleenEdge® Low Tack to heavy-duty FloorShell Seam Tape, we have a range of products to help you get the job done right the first time.

*Disclaimer: We suggest testing tapes in an inconspicuous area overnight to ensure they’re compatible with the surface you’re working with and don’t leave a residue or pull up the finish of your floors.

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