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July 15, 2020

Anyone who’s dealt with dust on a jobsite before knows it’s near impossible to control its spread. Despite how easily it travels, there are certain measures you can take to help keep dust contained. Taking these measures is especially important when painting inside a spray paint booth. The last thing you want is dust and debris ruining your fresh paint job.

Whether you’re working in a state of the art, high-quality facility or a DIY booth in your garage, there are a few simple steps you can take to help prevent the spread of dust while spray painting. The following tips will help you keep your spray booth clean.

How to keep dust down

dirt trapper

1. Keep your jobsite as clean as possible to reduce the amount of dust

First and foremost, keep your jobsite as clean as possible. This may mean following a maintenance schedule to stay on top of cleaning, frequently using a vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt and debris, keeping air flow moving, or even using a feather duster to remove dust in between thorough cleanings. This is especially important after sanding or cutting wood on the site. Additionally, tracking in dirt and debris from outside your spray paint booth is a surefire way to risk getting unwanted particles in your paint job. To avoid this, place a sticky mat or shoe covers outside the entrance to your spray booth to help get rid of or trap dirt.

2. Secure your area

Building a temporary room will help separate the area you’re working in from the rest of the jobsite. You can easily do this by propping up plastic sheeting with dust containment poles, adding air filters, as well as using a zipper to create an instant doorway. You’ll want to frequently clean your booth to ensure you’re working in an environment that is optimal for spraying.

dirt trapper

3. Use dust-free and low-lint products to prevent dust in your spray booth

Carefully choose products to use within your paint booth that are dust-free or low-lint to help reduce build-up in your spray booth. For example, instead of using a paper surface protector, use one that is plastic. This will eliminate the chance of dust particles being created from paper breaking down. Aqua Shield and X-Plastic are both great options for booth walls and floors (bonus, they can be reused after your job is done). This will ensure that the product you bring into your work space won’t cause more dust particles.

Trimaco has you covered!

We hope you found these tips helpful. Containing dust can be tricky, but taking precautions and being as cleanly as possible will help you achieve a beautiful paint job!

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