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July 11, 2019

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We love (and value) hearing what you think about our jobsite protection products. Customer support and product innovation runs deep in our roots. Every few months, we like to gather and share customer testimonials for some of our most popular products. Below are just a few of our favorites!

X•Board Paint + Remodel

“I received this right at the start of my kitchen remodel and the painting of my living room and bathroom. I’m so glad I did. We have old hardwood floors throughout our house and it worked amazingly. I very much recommend.”
-Koren K, WV

“X-Board works very well to cover the floor for painting. I used it and I liked it because nothing got dirty with paint. X-Board is resistant. It’s worth using.”
-Carolina Q, PA


“I prefer X-Plastic over the construction board products for several reasons. It’s easier to install, lasts longer and is much easier to clean. Also, it is easy to cut so it can be used for any surface. “
-Craig, Herndon, NC, C.T. Wilson Construction

E-Z Up® Trimaco Dust Containment Poles

“I think they are great! Very sturdy, the foot pedal on the floor is so much more handy then the ones that have the squeeze handle at the top. With this unit, I’ll never have to get on a ladder to extend to the 12′ maximum like I would with the other similar products. Extending the poles is easy. I don’t know how else to describe how much better these are than their competitors. The top pad can adjust 180 degrees while the bottom foot can rotate 360 degrees.”
-Josh H, TX

E-Z Up® Peel + Stick Zipper

“This is a very clever item. I used them to make a replacement door for my shed. They were easily installed to plastic sheeting. They have a fabric backing and open easily and stick well. I am going to make a greenhouse for my seedlings and I think it will be perfect.”
-Adam S, NJ

DuPont™ Tyvek® Coveralls with Hood & Boots

“These are nice coveralls. Very durable. They are lightweight and easy to put on and move around in. I love that it has elastic around the ankles and wrists. Includes booties which is great. I was able to get a few good uses out of them… I would have likely been able to use them several more times, but I was tackling a big, messy job and they held up well.”
-Luis V, NJ

DuPont™ Tyvek® No Elastic Coveralls

“I recently painted the outside trim on the house and used the Tyvek coveralls. I like the fact that I could slip them over my clothes and get to work. The front zipper made it possible with the zipper being long enough. They cover you completely. They give enough room for bending over, reaching and more when painting. Great material and construction of the suit. I will use them for many projects.”
-Cathy S, OK


“We are in the process of updating our home with new flooring. We put in new floors in the hallway last year and are now ready to do the bedrooms. To protect our new hall floors we are using the Trimaco FloorShell. It is a nice snug fit between the walls, so it doesn’t slide around and does a good job at protecting the flooring underneath. It is very sturdy with a nice thickness, yet we were still able to cut it with scissors. And, it doesn’t tear up when walking on it with our work boots.”
-Elaine R, OH


“Trimaco X-Paper is an awesome surface protector. It works on any kind of surface and is strong enough to withstand a lot of foot traffic. It’s way thicker than regular contractor paper. It is easy to lay down and easy to cut, as well. You can also use it on your countertops to protect them during construction. The best part is that you can even put it over the corners of the countertops and it won’t tear! On the floor it will protect from any damage from people walking or dropping things with no tears. Protects from paint, stains, sawdust, and any other stains. Good stuff that will get the job done. Also the roll is HUGE, so enough for pretty big projects.”
-Gamalo H, NY

“I must admit that when it comes down to cleaning after a paint job, I hate it. But I used X-Paper on the floor when I was painting the cabinets and the cleaning process was so easy. It laid as a flat surface with little movement, which I loved. The clean up was so stress free!”
-Sharon A, AL

Stay Put Canvas Plus

What a great product! This Trimaco Stay Put Canvas Plus never bunched up while we used it for over a week. It is durable and slip resistant, and leak resistant too. This will be used often in our home for remodeling projects and we are looking to buy another Stay Put Canvas Plus in an elongated version for the stairs.
-Del-Marie C, WI

What to share your Trimaco experience? Comment below and share your testimonials with us. We may feature you in our next post! Also, be sure to check out our full product catalog.

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