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December 30, 2019

2019, you were awesome!

What a year 2019 has been. From new plant locations to various product launches and everything in between, 2019 has been one for the books here at Trimaco. As the year comes to an end and we look towards 2020, we would like to take the time to reflect on one of the most important pillars of our business, you. Thank you for your on-going support and heartfelt testimonials!

Customer support and satisfaction is a staple in our success. Our innovative products come from listening and learning from our customers. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite 2019 testimonials for some of our most beloved products. Have Trimaco testimonials of your own? Comment or reach out to us directly and we’ll be happy to share!


Trimaco’s X-Team family consists of two popular surface protection products, X-Board and X-Paper.

“I used this with my son who does a lot of painting and remodeling of homes. The X•Paper was nice and thick and rolled out easily for us. Even using a ladder on top of it, we didn’t have any holes or tearing in it after moving the ladder around. There’s a lot of paper on the roll, too. There was no curling up and we used minimal tape to hold it in place. Absolutely would purchase this again and have used this for 4 jobs already and no issues at all.”

“I used this floor covering for a remodeling project to protect an already finished floor. It worked great, rolled out flat and stayed in place. The Trimaco X-board held up during my entire project and protected my finished floor perfectly!”

Trimaco E-Z Up Dust Containment Poles & Accessories

“This is perfect zipper for instant resealable access on your dust barrier for painting. You can use two to create a roll up door and can use at home. The instructions are very easy to read and are very helpful. I would recommend this to all my friends!”

“We used these to keep the dust contained while removing tile from the bathroom. It is very easy to set up the poles and just as easy to remove them and set up again. I plan to use them again with multiple home improvement projects, removing wallpaper and painting. They will really help keep the mess contained.”


“We used the FloorShell to lay over our newly installed flooring as we were in between projects and had to wait on a replacement shipment of our flooring. We didn’t want what was already installed to be ruined by people walking on it. FloorShell worked great and I would highly recommend it for all your flooring needs!”

“Easy to cut, but durable enough to protect from most dropped tools or accidental scrapes. Easy applicable on most/all surfaces. The material is a thinner cardboard that is repellent against water/liquid spills. Not just limited to flooring, I used it to protect my countertops while working on my cabinets.”

DuPont Tyvek Coveralls

“This is a great product for complete coverage from head to toe. It gives protection from getting any dust or other hazardous materials on me while I am doing waste clean up. It is very easy to put on and remove.”

“I recently painted the outside trim on the house and used the Tyvek coveralls. I like the fact that I could slip them over my clothes and get to work. The long front zipper made it possible. They cover you completely. They give enough room for bending over, reaching and more when painting. Great material and construction of the suit. Plan to use them for many projects.”

“I bought this a month ago to use to do some touch up painting in my garage and it worked really great. Easy to get on and off and really did a good job protecting my clothing from paint. Highly recommend this to all my family and friends”

10mil Aqua Shield Surface Protector

“This was a great product. It was heavy duty and waterproof, and can be used for multiple applications. It can be cut and re-used over and over again. I highly recommend this product. It is a great product and value”

Have Trimaco testimonials of your own? Share your story below, and we may feature you in our next customer testimonial post.

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@TrimacoInc Floorshell was applied over this 12 hour old epoxy many weeks ago. Kept my new floors protected perfect…

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