Product Highlight / Stay Put® Canvas Plus Dropcloth

September 10, 2018

Three layers of protection in one great canvas drop cloth

We knew our Stay Put® technology would revolutionize the traditional canvas dropcloth every professional painter keeps in their arsenal. Canvas has been around forever—and for good reason.

There’s nothing like a canvas drop cloth to protect surfaces from paint, sanding dust, sawdust, foot traffic and more. Canvas is durable, washable and reusable.

The problem with traditional canvas is that it can be slippery on hard surfaces, like hardwoods, tile, laminate, and vinyl. And if you’re covering staircases with it? Using ladders on top of it? Traditional canvas fabric creates a fall risk you can’t afford to take.

The Stay Put® Canvas Plus Slip and Leak Resistant Canvas Dropcloth offers everything you love about canvas—durability and absorbency—with a layer of leak resistant plastic backed by a slip-resistant surface grip layer.

Check it out. The Stay Put® Canvas Plus Dropcloth offers:

  1. THREE layers of protection—canvas on the top, plastic in the middle, and a slip-resistant grip on the back, giving you 300 percent more protection against slipping than traditional canvas.
  2. Surface Grip protection built right in.
  3. Absorbency and leak resistance; for paint and stain spills, sanding dust, and more.
  4. Durability; use again and again.
  5. The same heavy duty protection as traditional canvas fabric against heavy foot traffic.
  6. Packs of six and 12 in three different sizes: 9’ x 12’, 4’ x 12’, 6’ x 8’, and 4’ x 4.’

Trimaco is in the business of keeping you in business, utilizing the latest technology to keep you safer and help you increase efficiency. Learn more about our products at

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"...Rushing downstairs with the sprayer still running, I came to find my sprayer knocked over and 5 gallons of Kilz primer spilled all over the floor. Everywhere. In the moment of trying to pick it all up the Rosin Paper ripped, the paint kept spreading, and the air was full of overspray and paint smell. The living room was a mixture of white paint and pieces of red paper everywhere...."

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"...Rushing downstairs with the sprayer still running, I came to find my sprayer knocked over and 5 gallons of Kilz…

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