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June 20, 2018

Disasters for hardwood floors

Are you protecting your flooring against these 3 things?
Nothing matches the warmth and feel of hardwood floors. Even with all the other flooring options on the market today, consumers want wood.

In its 2018 Industry Outlook survey, the National Wood Flooring Association reported nearly 40 percent of contractors said they expect to see hardwood sales increase by 8 percent or more.

You’re in charge with protecting floors at the jobsite—whether brand-new or decades old. Here are the three culprits that will cause the most damage and which flooring products you can use to prevent damage.

Dents: Some hardwood flooring options are softer than others. Your best bet is to invest in impact-resistant floor protection like Trimaco’s FloorShell® Heavy Duty Temporary Protection. Featuring Spill Block™ technology, this heavy duty construction board is also breathable, allowing floors to cure. Up to 45 millimeters thick, FloorShell® can withstand the impact of forklifts and other heavy machinery. Made of 100 percent recycled fibers, you can earn up to two LEED points in USGBC certification using FloorShell®. This is best used with FloorShell® Seam Tape to seam pieces together.

Water: It’s the kiss of death for all hardwood floors. Dealing with moisture damage requires replacing the subfloor and planks—who has time for that? Wood planks are also combustible, and Aqua Shield® Flame Retardant Surface Protector does triple duty protecting hardwoods from impact, water and fire (tested and certified to NFPA-701 Method 2). Sold in rolls up to 40 millimeters thick, Aqua Shield® is a great substitute for bulky Masonite. Trimaco’s 6-foot wide 25-millimeter product is equivalent to 33 sheets of Masonite or other 4’ x 8’ products.

Dirt: It’s inevitable at every worksite and often hard to control. Mud, debris, sand, salt and other grainy substances can scratch floors and even embed in the surface—or get stuck in finishes. Consider Trimaco’s X•Board Paint + Remodel. It’s breathable for curing and features Spill Block™ technology, ensuring no paint, mud or water gets through. This lightweight surface protector gets the job done and is more than 2.5 times thicker than builder’s paper to prevent scratches. This is best used with FloorShell® Seam Tape to seam pieces together.

Need something you didn’t see here? Trimaco’s got you covered. Click here for our product catalog and get your questions answered in real time by a member of the Trimaco team in our chat.

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"...Rushing downstairs with the sprayer still running, I came to find my sprayer knocked over and 5 gallons of Kilz primer spilled all over the floor. Everywhere. In the moment of trying to pick it all up the Rosin Paper ripped, the paint kept spreading, and the air was full of overspray and paint smell. The living room was a mixture of white paint and pieces of red paper everywhere...."

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"...Rushing downstairs with the sprayer still running, I came to find my sprayer knocked over and 5 gallons of Kilz…

  • @zkpainting did an awesome post the other day on floor protection! Check it out ⬇️
Let’s talk floor protection.  We are going to be spraying the ceilings and trim on this job so protection is very important.  For masking hardwood floors we use @frogtape first, then use @sherwinwilliams masking tape to attach our floor protection to the frog tape.  We use @trimaco_inc floor shell on the areas where we will be using bakers rack staging so that the wheels don’t mark up the floors.  After that’s down we cover the entire floor with @gripritebuildingproducts under layment as our final layer of protection.  The grip rite allows for easy clean up of dust between coats of paint.  We like to wet the floors a bit before final coat so that any dust that’s around gets trapped and not kicked up as we walk.  How do you protect your floors while painting?

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