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January 12, 2023

From board products to heavy duty drop cloths, surface protectors have become a necessity on the jobsite. These floor protectors not only prevent damage and reduce risks, but they also save time and resources once the job is complete.

Hard surfaces such as hardwoods, tile and vinyl have become the norm in both the residential and commercial flooring industries. Although these options elevate aesthetics, they also create safety risks such as slipping and falling.

Why is Slip Resistant Protection Important on the job?

While working on the job it is important for all crew members to feel safe, especially on hard or slippery surfaces. Falling on the job is one of the most common safety risks that can happen. Adding a slip-resistant surface protector is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to reduce this risk.

Orange thread drop cloth

Get with the Grip with Trimaco’s Orange Thread Drops

Adding a slip resistant surface protector is the first step. But how do you know if what you’re about to work on is slip resistant? It’s time to get with the grip, and look for the orange thread!

Trimaco understands the importance of slip resistant safety and identification on the job. We’ve added orange thread stitching to the edges to some of our most beloved heavy duty drop cloths. The orange thread provides a bright, visual representation on the job. In addition, if your drops are folded up in a truck- the orange thread acts as a quick identifier on which drops are slip resistant.

Trimaco offers three slip resistant drop cloths that feature orange thread stitching and/or packaging:

Eliminator: The heaviest option. This crack-resistant butyl drop cloth is 225% more slip resistant and 20% more drapable than 8oz canvas. The Eliminator provides both slip-resistant and leak resistant protection.

  • Orange stitching along outside seams for easy slip-resistant identification
  • Slip resistant butyl drop cloth with Surface Grip™ and Spill Block®
  • Use coated slide down and spot clean only

Stay Put Canvas Plus: Love your traditional canvas drops? Trimaco’s Stay Put Canvas Plus is the ideal upgrade. This heavy duty canvas drop cloth is designed with three layers: an absorbent canvas top, leak resistant plastic center and a slip resistant backing.

  • Orange stitching along outside seams for easy slip-resistant identification
  • 300% more slip resistant than traditional 8 oz canvas
  • Use absorbent canvas side up, and grippy backing down to prevent slipping
  • Ideal for hardwood floors, tile and even polished concrete.

Smart Grip Drop Cloth: This bright, non-woven drop cloth is an economical slip-resistant option. Trimaco’s smart Grip is leak-resistant, durable and features a grippy backing. Although orange thread is not stitched into the seams, it can be found on the packaging.

  • Orange stitching on packaging for easy slip-resistant identification
  • 120% more slip resistant than a traditional 8 oz canvas drop cloth
  • Use absorbent non-woven side up, and grippy side down to prevent slipping

Total Slip Resistant Protection

Prevent slipping and falling by knowing what type of drop cloth is on your job site. It’s time to upgrade your standard canvas and plastic drops and get with the grip, look for the orange thread!™

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