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December 11, 2019

What is Corrugated Plastic?

Great question! Similar to cardboard, two polypropylene plastic sheets tightly sandwich a crimped layer of plastic. Because of this specific fluted design, it makes corrugated plastic sheets impact resistant, very lightweight and easy to work with.

What is Corrugated Plastic Used For?

The versatile sheet is popular across many different industries for all project types. From signs, crafts and school projects to large scale construction applications.

Specifically in Trimaco’s industries, corrugated plastic is primarily used for surface protection for floors, countertops, doors, walls and more! Trimaco’s X-Plastic is a great alternative to traditional board products. The strong ribbon center creates an impact resistant, strong surface that is tough enough to withstand heavy machinery such as forklifts.

Trimaco’s Corrugated Plastic Board Options

X-Plastic is one of Trimaco’s most beloved heavy duty surface protectors. It provides the same dependable protection as our traditional board products, however it is much lighter and therefore easier to work with.

For this reason, we are expanding the X-Plastic line to provide more options to fit the needs of our customers. The two new options include:

  • Folded 4 x 4 corrugated plastic sheets (unfold to 4 x 8 sheets)
  • Flame Retardant corrugated plastic sheets: 4 x 8

How to use and Install X-Plastic

X-Plastic is available in sheets (4 x 4 folded and 4 x 8). Unlike Trimaco’s X-Board and FloorShell, it has no curl back memory.

  1. First, determine how many sheets you’ll need to cover your surface.
  2. Clean and clear your surface of any dirt, dust and unwanted particles.
  3. Next, simply lay the X-Plastic out, bumping the edges as close together as they will go.
  4. Tape the seams together and perimeter down with Trimaco’s Red Polyethylene Tape. *test in a discrete area before applying directly to floors
  5. Finally, sweep debris off the plastic, remove the seam tape and store for next use!
    1. Total Jobsite Protection™

      All of Trimaco’s X-Plastic options are ideal surface protectors for a variety of floors including hardwoods, countertops, concrete and more! Learn more about all of our new X-Plastic options, and other heavy duty surface protectors.

      Need help choosing the right surface protector for your job? Use Trimaco’s product selector to help narrow down your options, based on your specific needs!

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