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May 13, 2019

NEW Trimaco Insta-Pocket

Picture this. You’re on the job, and in the midst of painting or spraying, the boss calls. You have to put down your brush, unzip your coveralls, remove your gloves and access your phone. By this time, you’ve missed the call.

Constant communication isn’t going away anytime soon. Technology companies continue to make products that keep us connected at all hours of the day. This can be tough on the job site, especially if you’re working on jobs where protective wear is necessary not only to stay clean, but for safety purposes as well.

Trimaco is here to help

About a year ago, one of our trusted paint field experts suggested that we manufacture a garment that included a coverall pocket to hold phones, tools, etc. During a product brainstorming session, our vice president had an innovative, yet economical idea. What if there was a way to create a durable pocket that could stick on any type of coverall, protect your phone, and maintain device functionality?

From this idea, the Trimaco Insta-Pocket was born. The small, clear pocket has an adhesive backing that can stick to disposable coveralls. The top zipper keeps the phone safe and secure from water, paint and dust, while still allowing easy access. The lightweight coverall pocket can be placed anywhere on the coveralls or protective clothing for a comfortable range of motion. It can also be used as a small item or tool pocket for a variety of jobs.

Not only can a user now get to their phone effectively, but they can also see what types of call or notifications they are receiving. But we didn’t stop there. This self adhesive plastic pocket is designed with a specific type of plastic, allowing a user to text or make phone calls, while still safely zipped away.

How to apply coverall pockets. Trust us, it’s easy

  1. First, remove one of the Trimaco Insta-Pockets from the packaging.
  2. Carefully peel and remove the paper backing, exposing the adhesive.
  3. Simply stick the adhesive side to your coverall pant pant leg, arm sleeve, waist or side.
  4. Finally, unzip the pocket, drop your phone in and seal for complete protection.
  5. When your phone begins to buzz, you now have the option to easily access it, respond to the notification, or even ignore it.

Don’t stress about where to place your Trimaco Insta-Pocket, they are packaged in packs of 10 so you can experiment and determine what maintains freedom of movement, and is most effective and comfortable for your type of work.

Benefits of an adhesive pocket

All the features of the Insta-Pocket are benefits! But here are some of our customer’s favorites:

  • Watertight zipper and closure to protect your phone for all conditions
  • Touch screen is functional through the plastic
  • Adhesive is long lasting, and stays put
  • No more splurging on coveralls that have pockets
  • Bag size of 5.75” x 8.75” fits even the biggest phones

Safety should always be a worker’s number one priority. But we’re here to keep you connected in a world that communicates constantly, with the new Trimaco Insta-Pocket.

For more information check out this short video!

Trimaco is here to provide jobs sites with reliable and innovative protective products. Check out our entire line of protective wear from high visibility coveralls to safety goggles and spray socks. Our catalog is also available to look through for more job site protection products.

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