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September 5, 2019

Vinyl and hardwood floors are a timeless feature in homes, becoming the new standard. As their prevalence increases, it’s important to protect these expensive flooring options during construction and home improvement projects. Additionally, it’s critical to utilize floor protectors (such as a slip resistant canvas painter’s drop cloth) that are safe for a user.

Canvas drop cloths have stood the test of time. The traditional drops continue to be a painter’s favorite go-to option for surface protection during painting. However, as wall-to-wall carpeting evolved into vinyls, hardwoods, and tiles – canvas drop cloths have had to evolve, to ensure the safety of painters and homeowners during construction and home renovations.

Why is slip resistant protection important?

Safety on the job has been, and will continue to be, the most important priority on a job site. At Trimaco, we are continuously creating products to keep both workers and their surfaces safe and free of accidents. From high visibility personal protective wear, to spray socks and dust containment systems, we provide quality products to keep you protected.

Slipping and falling is one of the most common job site risks, but it is also one of the easiest to prevent. It’s important to properly prepare your job site to avoid slippery falls, and potentially expensive repairs.

Although absorbent and washable, canvas drop cloths can easily slip and slide around if applied to a surface that does not provide enough friction, such as hard wood floors. For this very reason, we created a drop cloth that maintained the beloved qualities of a canvas drop, but provided a slip-resistant backing.

NEW Smart Grip Canvas Drop Cloth

Trimaco’s Smart Grip Canvas Drop Cloth is the newest addition to our line of drop cloths. Perfect for hard and potentially slippery surfaces, this heavy duty canvas drop cloth will stay put on stairs and surfaces such as hardwoods, vinyl, tile, laminate and more.

Two Layers of surface protection

Over 80% more slip resistant than a traditional 8oz canvas drop, this painter’s drop cloth is composed of two layers—absorbent canvas and a leak and slip-resistant poly backing. Using the canvas side up keeps tracking to a minimum.

Absorbent 8oz canvas top

  • Helps absorb all paints and stains
  • Avoids tracking
  • Reduces messy clean ups
  • Slip resistant poly backing

  • Reduces leaks and slips
  • Prevents slipping on hard surfaces and stairs
  • Stays in place
  • The Smart & Safe Drop Cloth

    When combined, these two layers create a safe and smart canvas painter’s drop cloth. Reduce messy clean ups, avoid costly mistakes, and most importantly, improve the overall safety on your job site with Trimaco’s new Smart Grip Canvas.

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