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All Purpose Dyed

Medium/heavyweight canvas drop cloth is made from dyed material. It is perfect for non-sensitive surfaces and outdoors. Reduce paint tracking on the job with this canvas drop cloth.

  • Made from Dyed Material
  • Medium/heavy weight canvas
  • Perfect for non-sensitive surfaces + outdoors
  • Keeps paint from tracking

All Purpose Dyed

70241 6 9′ x 12′
70242 4 12′ x 15′
70247 12 4′ x 12′
70248 12 4′ x 15′

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  • Spraying outside, although more convenient, can have its disadvantages. Instead, take to your garage and set up an indoor spray booth. @lorabgreen used our heavy duty poles, plastic dropcloth, and X-Board surface protector to create the perfect spray painting barrier for redoing this beautiful vintage piece. Check out more in our bio!

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